March 8th in Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad

Registrations closed

What is B-HACKS?

IIITA Info Communication and Incubation Center (IIIC) with a motive to nurture entrepreneurship in the country is providing an opportunity for student community to realize their dreams, and let their imaginative ideas to flow out of their minds by organizing Business Hackathon in its most awaited annual flagship event E-Summit ‘19.It would be a 18 hour long hackathon where you will be inspired to imagine, design, code and create. The idea will be to find solutions in teams to different problem statements on certain domains like Agriculture, Health Care etc. The team with the most logical, imaginative, creative and implementable ideas will be declared the winner. So its time to show the magic in your fingers and create the project you have always thought of, or discussed with your friend on the late night intellectual tea breaks, or anything random which is too crazy to be ignored.



Over the time, we have strived to make sure that women get a chance to showcase their experience with all fairness. We took our commitment a step further by Introducing prizes for best Girl Team and organising workshop for Girls to encourage development.


The complete event schedule.

  • 9:00pm March 8th

    Registration begins

  • 10:00pm March 8th

    B-Hacks Begins at Lab 5421

  • 3:00am March 9th


  • 8:00am March 9th

    Breakfast break

  • 1:30pm March 9th


  • 5:00pm March 9th

    B-Hacks ends

  • 11:00am March 10th

    B-Hacks presentations at CC-3

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or concerns, you might find your answers below!

A hackathon is an event where individuals can learn more about computer science or programming and enhance their skills by creating unique projects and attending workshops. At HackTogether, students will be creating projects and competing with each other in order to win prizes and receive recognition.

If you are a college student and have the passion for building something productive out of technology,you're good to go

We will be providing you with mattresses at the venue of the hackathon and the food provision is on us.

You get to learn new skills on-the-go,learn to debug errors efficiently,learn how to coordinate among a team and gain inspiration and ideas from other projects.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Our Sponsors

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Problem statements

These are the problem statements for this hackathon.


CC3 Buliding

Indian Institute of Information Technology


Jhalwa, 211012

Uttar Pradesh, India

Contact us

Aswanth K Anil


Siddhant Srivastav



These are some of the perks if you attend B-HACKS 2019

  • Amazing cash prizes worth 40k.
  • Stickers, goodies and t-shirts are waiting for you.
  • Special prize for best hardware hack and all girls team.
  • Accommodation and refreshments will be provided.
  • Also Certificates will be provided to all the participants of b-hacks19.

  • So get ready to Code,Build and Hack !

    Our Team

    This is our team

    Adding webhook in Github

    All the participants of bhacks are requested to follow these steps so that we can track all the commits in your project repository.

  • Join the zulip chat using the link :
  • Go to your repository on GitHub and click on the Settings tab. Select Webhooks. Click on Add webhook. GitHub may prompt you for your password.
  • Set Payload URL to
    Set Content type to application/json. Select Just the push event and click Add Webhook.